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Taiwan the Earthquake, the Indonesian Internet is Death January 8, 2007

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Jakarta, the Earthquake 7,1 SR that shook Taiwan, on Tuesday (26/12/2006), had an impact on the severing
link international the Indonesian internet. The connection is not stabil.
Sylvia W. Sumarlin, General Chairman Asosiasi of the Organizer of the Indonesian Internet Service (APJII) said,
the earthquake that shook Taiwan caused the severing backbone optic fiber that passed Taiwan.
As a result, link international that was provided by ISP (the internet service provider) in Indonesia and ISPs in all the 
countries in Asia-Pacific was cut off.
“All of ISP in Indonesia used optic fiber as backbone especially, and made use of the satellite as the back up.
 With the existence of this incident, all the most stagnant international channels now,” explained Sylvia when
being contacted detikINET, on Wednesday (27/12/2006).
At this time, said Sylvia, ISP was trying to get the connection to the provider of the alternative channel
through the satellite. However the step in this alternative was he admitted not more optimal, 
considering the capacity that was provided the satellite not as big as that dumped optic fiber.

Moreover efforts moved the channel to the satellite it was admitted Sylvia not was easy.
“His process was not easy, because now his traffic queues.
If being moved suddenly, the e-mail and the data could lost,” he explained.
Sylvia stressed at this time that was disturbed only link international, and stressed that link domestic still functioning
 normal and in the good condition.
“So if wanted sent-consignment of the e-mail to the friend that his internet together used ISP local still could,” he said.

Door! Police shot the Resident in the New Year Night January 5, 2007

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Useful Mashar - detikcom 
Makassar - bullets strayed Brigpol Syafrudin colored New Years Eve in Makassar.
Door! Dedi Satriadi chest (18th) was penetrated bullets.
Casualties at once fell headlong and died in the place.
This saddening incident happened on Monday (1/1/2007),
struck 02.00 (Middle Indonesian Time), in Street Daeng Tata I, Makassar.
The "shooting canned be heard twice."
One headed to air, one straight in the future.
"Casualties could be carried to RS the policeman but was not helped," 
said one of the eyewitnesses Daeng Bundi to the reporter, on Monday (1/1/2007)
According to him, the tragic incident happened during young men in and around
Street Daeng Tata after celebrating the New Year party the city circle.
The witness suspected, young men continued with the party of alcohol till
Monday (1/1/2007) at dawn.
Dedi that his house off the party of this alcohol felt his house was disrupted and
very anxious because his motor was parked was not far from the location.
Then he tried to move his motor to not become the ignorant target the young man.
In time simultaneously, Syafrudin that the same police member outside his house
that together was not far from the place of the party of this alcohol.
He intended to stop the disturbance that was created by the drunk young men.
Knew had police's member visited, the young men ran.
Did not want to lose 'prey', Syafrudin pursued and ended with the voice twice
the eruption of the pistol. One of them about Dedi.
Resulting from his conduct, Syafrudin is now pacified in Large City Territorial-
Police Makassar to avoid the resident's anger.Just true, struck 06.
00 WITA, the resident in and around Street Daeng Tata that most still relatives
Dedi overflowed his annoyance.
The Syafrudin house was pelted by the resident with the stone.
Some house glass broke and tiles were hollow.
As far as this is concerned, was not yet known by official information from the police.
While the Dedi Satriadi body was at once buried this Monday morning in
the family's grave that was not far from his house, Daeng Tata Street I Blok B

2 Experts in Sidoarjo Geology of the Squawk of the Mud Mystery December 30, 2006

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2006-12-28 18:48:00 the Sugiharto Character – detikcom Surabaya – To croak the spurting mystery of mud that happened around the Lapindo Brantas Inc well in Porong, Sidoarjo, Regional Police East Java called 2 geological specialists from Indonesia.

Both of them were the Professor of Geology of ITB Prof Sukendar Asikin and the geologist from Surabaya Sofyan Hadi.

Both of them that were called as the expert witness gave information in struck 10.

00-17. 00 WIB, on Thursday (28/12/2006) in space Criminal Investigation Squad Regional Police East Java, Street Ahmad Yani, Surabaya.

Both of them were bullied by the question around their view the matter of mud from the scientific corner.

Beforehand police have appointed 13 suspects.

“I was called to be asked to give information that happened in Porong in accordance with knowledge that was studied by me, yes was explained by me at length, including the similar phenomenon that happened in another place,” said Sukendar after the inspection.


Now Sofyan explained, police needed second opinion the case of mud in Sidoarjo from the side of geology.

The disaster Geologi

Say Sukendar, the case of the spurting of Sidoarjo mud was considered from scientific and the comparison with the other place. He believed that was the phenomenon of nature that was named the geological natural disaster.



The disaster Geologi

Say Sukendar, the case of the spurting of Sidoarjo mud was considered from scientific and the comparison with the other place.

He believed that was the phenomenon of nature that was named the geological natural disaster.


“I not the drilling expert, but was based on facts and I studied the similar case in another place, including browsing the internet and read literature overseas, I was convinced this mud volcano,” he said.


Because indeed was based on the history of geology, continued he, under Sidoarjo and surrounding area was quite potential happened mud volcano.


The similar conviction was sent by Sofyan Hadi.

All the history datas in the region were mud volcano already he explained.

Including the similar phenomenon that happened in Latest, Sedati, Sidoarjo, Gununganyar, Surabaya, through to the spurting of mud in Bangkalan Madura, including that recently emerged also in Bojonegoro.


“I stressed indeed must have the explanation about why the spurting of mud emerged in East Java, because of being based on the history note of geology, beginning with Yogya, Gunungkidul, Semarang, Pati, Sidoarjo, Lamongan, and Bojonegoro including the East Java territory.”


“By seeing the spurting of mud that reached 300-900 barrel,” Sofyan at once looked for literature in the internet, the book, including the similar experience overseas.


“Evidently indeed did not have the spurting of new mud in the world.

Secara geology, the case in Porong very extraordinary because of the geologist in the new world this time encountered mud volcano that just was born and still was fresh,

“ he said.


Because of uptil now, said he, the spurting of mud that had been found for a long time and happened hundreds last year.


The Greeting Merry Chrismats is Preserve For Moslem??? December 29, 2006

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If only, colleagues of non-Moeslem knew the consequences of Christmas celebration together for Moeslem, you will never abuse MUI (Majelis Ulama Indonesia, Organization of Ulama’ in Indonesia) but also not would hoped had Christmas greeting from Moeslem.

You celebrated Jesus’s birth as Jesus Is the Savior, not Jesus as the prophet, the envoy of Allah. Here one of the basic differences between Islam and Christian. Islam saw Jesus as an envoy Allah, humankind only [not the child the Lord], that was supplied by many miracles to quote him envoyer.

The word consequences is tell Syahadat, “I fund that not God excpect Allah, and I fund that Muhammad is prophet the envoy Allah.”

So, did you brave said two word the confession of faith, as your consequently no longer acknowledged that Jesus Is the Savior? Because consequently also you became muslim?

Because of this also you became muslim? Please the paragraph above that you ruminate well. With what has been untangled by me above, I the stand firmly behind MUI Decree about Natal.

To them that could write, if only MUI dismissed the decree so that Moslems are not connected with other group, I asked to read again the MUI Decree.

If MUI dismissed the decree banned Christian group for celebrated Christmas, that that was acknowledged as terrorism.

And, I will as Muslim oppose the fatwa like that. No-one in this world that might obstruct other group.

It is best to, Christian colleagues also could understand whether the meaning Natal Ceremony Together, this in a theological manner. Was sent by me, not give Greeting Merry Christmas or did not take part in Christmas celebration together, not mean the friend of Moslem you made an enemy of you. Moreover, still many other activities could be done together without must sacrifice akiqah respectively carried out his religious teaching.

Told All to Get Out From Restaurant December 28, 2006

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Badru that was hungry entered the Padang restaurant that was quite

famous complete his food.
Arrive in in him was welcomed by the restaurant attendant, the

Attendant: “Good afternoon Sir, there were those who could be helped?”
Badru: “Fish was available?”
The attendant: “Was Sirr!”
Badru: “Chicken was available?”
the Attendant: “was Mr!”
Badru: “Goat was available?”
The attendant: “Was Mr!”
Badru: “Told all of them to go first out, I wanted to eat it!”
The attendant: “!!!!????!!!!!”
by Gusti Ketut Arinardi (www.ketawa.com)

Hello world! December 28, 2006

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